Mog the Moogle

Skill - Dance


Mog learns dances in different areas of the world. Each dance has a variety of effects.
Dance: Where learned: Effects:
Wind Song Grass fields Wind Slash, Sun Bath, Plasma, Cockatrice
Forest Suite Woods Rage, Wild Bear, Elf Fire, Wombat
Desert Aria Desert regions Sand Storm, Wind Slash, Antlion, KittyElf Fire, Snare, Specter, TapirLand Slide, Sun Bath, Sonic Boom, Whump
Love Sonata Towns Elf Fire, Snare, Specter, Tapir
Earth Blues Mountains Land Slide, Sun Bath, Sonic Boom, Whump
Water Rondo Underwater El Nino, Specter, Plasma, Wild Bear
Dusk Requium Caves Cave In, Elf Fire, Snare, Pois. Frog
Snowman Jazz Snow fields Snowball, Snare, Surge, Ice Rabbit


Mastered Wind Song! Mastered Forest Suite!

Mastered Desert Aria! Mastered Love Sonata!

Mastered Earth Blues! Mastered Water Rondo!

Mastered Dusk Requium! Mastered Snowman Jazz!